Andrew Boyd-Jones


Andrew Boyd-Jones serves as a Partner in Tellson Corporate Services, LLC and serves as President & Chief Executive Officer at Tellson Securities. He has been involved in Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, and Commercial Lending for over 30 years. Mr. Boyd-Jones attended the University of Virginia and the London School of Economics.

He began his career at JP Morgan Chase in the Asia-Pacific Group financing the Western Hemisphere operations of Japanese trading companies. From there he worked with Deutsche Bank (then Bankers Trust) in their LBO team in LA with clients such as KKR, Greene & Partners among others. Mr. Boyd-Jones co-founded Trenwith Capital in the 1980s initially as a turn-around consultancy practice based in Los Angeles. Working with the Special Asset departments of major commercial banks he provided operational guidance, vendor negotiations, DIP financing, and conducted 363 sales for their customers.

Trenwith Capital became Trenwith Securities in the 1990s as a middle market Investment Bank specializing in Capital Market transactions and Mergers & Acquisitions. During this time over 300 transactions were executed with over $3 billion in transaction value. Trenwith Securities was sold to BDO Seidman in 2001. Mr. Boyd-Jones then joined the Spencer Family Office (Holding Capital Group HCG) and launched the HCG Mezzanine Development Fund as a Principal of the firm. He began to execute a series of Private Equity transactions in such industries as apparel, food and beverage, leasing, franchising, and healthcare services.

Mr. Boyd-Jones founded the Tellson Group of Companies in 2015.

He can be reached at [email protected]