A Tradition of Partnership

Tellson Corporate Services, LLC (“TCS”) is a member of the Tellson Group of companies. Its principals provide advisory services to those companies or individuals seeking to sell themselves, in whole or in part, acquire or dispose of real estate assets, seek new debt capital, or wish to monetize their underutilized intellectual property.

Three simple questions for you to consider:

Divesting or selling anything is an endpoint- strategically, financially and psychologically. Your business and its assets are often the single largest asset you hold, certainly the least liquid no matter it’s weight in your portfolio.  Any long- term decision requires planning. Somehow, all too often, such planning only starts after the LOI is signed.

Shouldn’t the decision to sell be part of a larger strategy where the owner maximizes their value while reducing their current and future taxation?

Individual Corporate assets or assets used in the business but held by its owner(s) are often a source of non-dilutive financing for the business. These assets can have value independently of the value of any going-concern business. They also require working capital in order to maintain.

Do you need them?

To profit from your Intellectual Property assets, you don’t have to manage all of them yourself. Unlike traditional operating assets; patents, trademarks, product royalty licenses, co-venture agreements and the like can be monetized as a non-dilutive source of capital to be used by the business or its owner in achieving their objectives.

Do you fully understand the value of your IP and what liquidity it could bring?

TCS can advise its clients across the entire transaction spectrum from Pre-Transaction Planning to Exit:

Pre-Transaction Planning

Valuation as a tool to illustrate value or prepare for exit.

Corporate Divestitures

The creation and execution of liquidity events.

Asset Dispositions

Real Estate and IP all have value as distinct from the business itself.

Working Capital

Non-dilutive debt to improve working capital and drive sales.

IP Monetization

Products, Processes and Practices can all transcend the scope of any business while providing liquidity to the enterprise.

Financial Restructuring

The evolution of any business is not linear and the ability to regroup and refocus is often the key to positive outcomes.

Providing Solutions For All Your Needs

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